Why do I need to register myself on your site?

You do not need to create an account or register with us before shopping. Once you confirm the order during your first purchase, you will be prompted to register yourself and provide us with your necessary personal details.

Registering takes just a few minutes, but it will save you lots of time and typing on your future visits. For instance, if you register with us, we'll save some of your information so that you don't have to enter it again. And hence registering with us will give you a quicker & easier Check Out in future.

Can I trust your site with my personal details? 

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We do not disclose any information about you to third parties. For more information see our Privacy Policy.

Do you sell products at a discount? 

Occasionally we sell some of our products at a discount. Such offers are clearly shown on the top right of our web pages. And we also keep digital coupons to be used by our customers for all the promotional offers or discounts going on at our store.

My Total Cart Value is Rs 1000/-. Do I need to pay Cash On Delivery Charges?

If you are opting for COD- Express Service, COD service is available for free. However, if your pincode is not part of the Express COD serviceable pincode list, then Rs 49/- is applicable. In addition to the COD charges, if the cart contains, more than two packets of sanitary napkins, then we charge Rs 10/- per pack (from 3rd pack onwards) as additional handling charges.

My Total Cart Value is Rs 500/- and it contains three sanitary napkin packets. It is a pre-paid order. What are my shipping and extra handling charges?

Any order with order value below Rs 600/- will attract Rs 49/- as standard shipping charges. However, as the order has three sanitary napkin packets, you need to pay an additional charge of Rs 10/- (the first two do not attract additional handling charges). The total shipping and handling charges comes to Rs 59/-.

My shipping address is in Bangalore. My Total Cart Value is Rs 500/-. It is a CoD shipment. There are only two sanitary napkin packets in the cart. What are my total shipping and handling charges?

As it is mentioned, the preferred mode of payment is CoD (comes in Express Shipping Pincode List), you need to pay Rs 98/- (Rs 49/- towards shipping and Rs 49/- for CoD) as shipping and handling charges. However, as the shipping address is in Bangalore, we will refund you Rs 20/- in the form of “20 reward points” each valued at Re 1, once the consignment is delivered to you.

My Total Cart Value is Rs 1500/-. The order contains three sanitary napkin packets. Do I still need to pay Rs 10/- towards additional handling charges for the third sanitary napkin packet?


Reward Points


I have reward points in my account. How to burn these points? Are there any restrictions while using?

Congratulations! What ever the points you earned are completely yours and you have a complete freedom to utilise them the way you want to.

Illustration: Want to purchase Rs 100/- value product and have 100 reward points in my account. Can I burn all my points at one go?

Yes. To utilize reward points we do not have restrictions such as  min. purchase quantity. You can get your product of choice by utilizing all your reward points at one shot. However, as this amount is less than Rs 599/-, you will be paying shipping charges.


Where exactly I see the reward points section in the order process?

You will see the reward points section as "Wallet" (on the left side of the page) in the last step or (mentioned as "Step 4") of the check out process. Continuing with the above example, to burn your 100 reward points, select "Wallet". In this section you will find a "Pay" button and once you click on "Pay", you will be shown the amount to be paid after buring reward points. The next step is to select the payment mode for the remaining amount that needs to be paid. These options are available at the same location above "Wallet" section.

Offer Related

In what categories does the promotional Voucher Code HAPPY11 and JOY15 work?

HAPPY11 - Both Men and Women Innerwear - Bras, Panties (excludes shapewear, disposable and period panties), Camisoles, Men's Vests, Briefs and Boxers

JOY15 - Only on products available in "condoms" category. Durex branded condoms are not part of this offer.

Is there any specific discount amount above which I cannot claim through the above Voucher Codes?

Yes. We offer a maximum discount of Rs 500/- per order through any of the offers. Kindly note, only one offer is applicable on each order

Do promotional offers such as HAPPY11 and JOY15 include all types of payment modes?

HAPPY11 - Valid on all types of payment modes

JOY15 - Valid on all types of payment modes

Is there any validity period for the above offers?

HAPPY11 - 30 September 2013. However, we can remove the offer at any point of time before the said date.

JOY15 - 30 September 2013. However, we can remove the offer at any point of time before the said date.

How to use the offer codes?

Once you are finished shopping, at the CHECKOUT page (we have an option “REDEEM DISCOUNT” option, just below “Total Cart Amount”), paste the voucher code and click on “Apply”. The discount is shown, before the total order value and is calculated only on applicable offer products.